This section presents the working documents published so far. We welcome your comments and suggestions on these working documents as this will help us improve them and will allow the European Commission to take note of your views.

Please relay your comments to the project leader by e-mail. Note that your comments may be included in draft and final reports that are made public.

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Date Publications
14 Dec. 2015 Project Summary and Presentation of 7 Dec. 2015 added.  The Preparatory Study is completed now and work has finished.
20 Nov. 2015 Rectification Task 7 report added
5 Nov.2015 Final Task 7 report on Scenario Analysis available. Final versions of reports on Tasks 0 through 6 are now also available. Previous draft versions of these reports have been removed from the list of documents below.
3 Sep. 2015 Final Minutes 2nd Stakeholder meeting available. First Stakeholder inputs for Task 7 available.
July 2015 Presentation 2nd Stakeholder meeting available. First comment on Tasks 4, 5, 6 reports available
4 June 2015 Revision 1 of draft report for Task 6
May 2015 Preliminary draft report of Task 6 (now removed, see revision 1)
  Draft report of Task 4 and Task 5
  Revised draft reports for Task 1 (main), 2 and 3
  Comments on 1st stakeholder meeting
February 2015 Model for European Light Sources Analysis (MELISA) v0, pdf and xlsx
  Final Minutes of the 1st Stakeholder meeting of 5 February 2015
  Correspondence table Presentation - Report
  Presentation of 1st stakeholder meeting
January 2015 Draft report of Task3  (preliminary)
November 2014 Draft reports of Task 0, 1 and 2 .